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Ever since Microsoft announced its augmented reality headset, HoloLens, in January, the company has declared war on competitors pushing virtual reality as the future of gaming.

If Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus stress immersive gaming, HoloLens encourages mixing video gaming with real life. But unlike these headsets, HoloLens’s abilities extend far beyond entertainment.

HoloLens can host games built for both Xbox One and Windows 10, and Microsoft recently revealed that all apps with Windows Universal code can appear on HoloLens as holograms. In fact, for any developer that wants to incorporate other HoloLens-specific features into their products, the company plans to release the device’s API (or application program interface) to app makers soon.

While we can expect the availability of already-demoed games like Minecraft and obvious choices like Netflix and Skype, we can only guess what other apps will launch with the device.

Naturally, we did just that, looking at the most popular games and apps on the Windows Store. We asked ourselves, what would really showcase augmented reality’s potential for innovative user experiences, and how?

How many of these ideas are feasible with HoloLens’s underlying technology won’t become clear until later. Until then, these are the apps and games we hope to see in Microsoft’s vision for augmented reality.

Modern life is all about pretending you’re good at multitasking. This popular app has over 2,400 free educational videos and would work perfectly as a holographic visual display instructing you on things like art history or economics while you fold laundry or do the dishes.

Beyond a standard hologram, the app could employ OnSite (the tech Microsoft used to show the surface of Mars on HoloLens) to improve the educational experience. Imagine if the app projected paintings from the Museum of Modern Art onto your wall or let you conduct chemical experiments and dissections with a virtual lab station.

Emphasizing HoloLens’s educational benefits and its ability to take us on pseudo-field trips could make it a popular buy for kids, or hell, even their parents.

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